The smartphone has become an important part of a person’s daily life. In addition to things like making calls, we use smartphones for many things. Want to get rid of the monotony of your smartphone and use the phone with a new experience? Then try those android apps given below. This article contains a collection of the best android apps like launchers, wallpaper apps, widgets that can give you a different experience from your phone.


Mi control center

Best Android Apps Short cut Panel - Mi control center -
Shortcut Panel – Mi control center

The first app in this article is called the mi control center. Using this app you can set up the notification panel on your phone similar to the “mi” phone. Many people liked the enhanced notification panel after the UI 12 update on “mi” phones. So even if you do not have a “mi” phone, you can use the notification panel and the shortcut panel in a slightly different way with this app. This interface is very similar to apple ios. Also, this app runs very smoothly on android phones. So you can download this app from the google play store. If you want you can buy the pro version of this app and use many more features.

  • Size: 4.6 Mb
  • installs: 1,000,000+

Download Mi control center


Best Android Apps KWGT

In second place in this article is the app called KWGT. Don’t have enough widgets for your phone? Then you should definitely try this app. This application contains a large number of different types of widgets. In addition, this app allows you to create new widgets as you wish. This app is enough to make the home screen of the phone unique and beautiful to anyone. So if you are downloading this app, your android version should be above 5.0. You can also download this app from the play store.

  • Size: 21 Mb
  • installs: 5,000,000+

Download KWGT


Dope Walls

Best Android Apps dope wall
Dope Wall

So the third app is the dope walls. Simply put, this is a wallpaper app. If you also want high quality wallpapers then this app is best suited for you. With this app you can download a large number of wallpapers from different categories. It even contains wallpapers of our favorite cartoon, movie, tv series. So this app will be very important for you who want to keep your phone beautiful. If you are downloading this app, it is enough to have your android version 4.2 and above. You can download this app from the link given below.

  • Size: 9.0 Mb
  • installs: 1,000,000+

Download Dope Walls

Fluid Simulation

Best Android Apps Fluid Simulation
Fluid Simulation

This app is also a wallpaper app. But this can be a new experience than a normal wallpaper. So this is a wallpaper simulation app. This app has the ability to create various beautiful patterns on the screen using your finger. This app can even be customized to fit the frame rate of your phone. So in addition to beautifying the home screen with this app, this app can also calm your mind. and this app will be very important for your busy times. If you want, you can buy the paid version of this app. But the free version is enough for you to get a different experience from this. Your android version must be above 4.4 to download this app. You can download this app from the link below.

  • Size: 13 Mb
  • installs: 5,000,000+

Download Fluid Simulation

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