It’s been 10 years since tesla started selling their cars. Today, Tesla cars have become the dream car of many people in the world. The biggest dream of tech enthusiasts is to buy a Tesla car. But buying a brand new one is a little difficult. That’s because even an entry-level Tesla Model 3 costs around $ 30,000. It costs over $ 100,000 to buy the best one with all the facilities. So people are trying to buy a used Tesla. 99% of customers who use a Tesla say that driving a Tesla is a pleasure. Also, the Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling EV in 2020.

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Buying a Used Tesla

Tesla vehicles are not only eco-friendly but also do not require troublesome maintenance such as oil change, engine repairs, etc like other vehicles. And they have regenerative brake systems so no need to replace brake pads compared to normal vehicles. You need to be very careful when buying a used car, especially an electric vehicle. Buying a used tesla without any understanding of this can cause you financial losses. This article will help you to buy the best vehicle that suits your budget. Here we are focusing only on the three models model 3, model s, and model x. used tesla
Tesla model 3, model s, and model x

If you want to buy a used Tesla, there are three ways. You can buy used cars from the Tesla official website (rendered images only). They consider about 70 factors when choosing a car for resale. Some of them are under 100,000 miles, no open recalls, no evidence of repair, no airbag light-ups. In addition, it can be purchased at a private party or insurance auction. But the best solution is to buy from its last owner. The reason for this is that you can check the history of the vehicle and check the required documents properly.

ModelBrand newUsed
S$75k +$30 – 35k
3$37k +$38 – 45k
X$80k +$45 – 50k
Current prices

How to Check used tesla

There are many things to consider before buying a used Tesla. Usually, Tesla cars have minor panel gaps, door alignment, paint issues so there is no need to pay too much attention to them. First, check for scratches on the body. Check for scratches and cracks on doors, windscreen, glass roof. Many Tesla owners have reported a lot of jamming issues with the door handles. So be sure to check out the door handles. Model s, model y cars have air suspension so you need to check if they are working properly.

Another special thing about These cars is their battery pack. This battery pack is mounted on the underside of the vehicle. So you should use a mirror and check the battery pack for damage and cracks. According to Tesla, if the outer casing of the battery pack is damaged, it must be replaced. So you have to look into it. Be sure to check car battery cooling leaks, hardware damage, and repair marks. Tesla cars are usually heavy so check the condition of the tires and brake pads. Headlights and tail lights can have water leaks, cracks and check those headlights, signal lights, daytime running lights are working properly.

panel gaps, door misalignments

Be sure to check the rear badge replaced or not when inspecting the exterior of the car. This is because some people change their badge and sell it for a higher price. That could be a big waste of money for you. You can confirm the model of the car by the main screen. To check the main screen, turn on its cleaning mode and check the display for yellowing or dead pixels.


The model s and x come with a 4 year or 150,000 miles warranty and the battery comes with an 8-year warranty. And model 3 comes with a 120,000 miles warranty. You can find the “VIN” number of the vehicle you are about to buy and contact Tesla to find out about the car’s accident history, warranty, and other important things. If the vehicle has been Repaired, find out if it has been done by a tesla verified company. This is because if the maintenance is done by a non-tesla verified company, its warranty will be canceled. more details


  • Check cracks, scratches on the body, glass roof, windscreen, windows
  • Check sunroof working without noise
  • Inspect under the car (battery casing, coolant leaks, missing hardware)
  • Check tires, brake pad corrosion
  • Test USB ports
  • Check headlights, brake lights, daytime running lights
  • Get VIN number and contact the company
  • Check doors, trunk, frunk, and windows
  • Remove floor mats and check for any water damage marks
  • Test main screen (yellowing, dead pixels, bubblings)
  • Check the software version, model from the main display
  • Check noises or vibrations while driving

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