By the year 2021, the internet will be one of the most important things for people. Today there is a situation where even the day to day work cannot be done without the internet. Despite such a situation, almost half of the world does not have a regular internet supply. It is difficult to provide internet to every one according to different countries and their populations. To provide internet to every country in the world, all those countries need to connect with each other. When connected, at least one internet service provider in the country should be involved. These connecting wires are call the global internet backbone. This backbone travels under the sea and has to be repaired regularly.

So in order to make the Internet available to everyone in this way, a world-wide backbone must be built. And this is a very expensive process. Private companies do not contribute to this because there is no profit from countries with fewer customers. Earlier a company started a project called a loon. Loon is a network of stratospheric balloons designed to provide Internet connectivity worldwide. However, this attempt failed. Later Facebook also implemented a similar project. What happened here was that the internet was provided by a drone powered by a solar panel. However, that attempt also failed.


The next solution was to provide the Internet via satellite. Various companies are already providing internet through such satellites. But when compared to the cost and facilities, this method is a loss. These satellites are located at an altitude of about 35000 km above the earth. Therefore, the internet speed of these is very low. Also, the latency of these is very high, which is very disadvantageous for those traders and gamers.

What Is Starlink

This Starlink project is started by Elon musk’s SpaceX company. Their attempt is to install the backbone using a satellite system. By the end of this project, the total number of satellites will be between 30000 – 40,000. All of these satellites are located in the lower earth orbit at an altitude of about 550 km above the Earth. So this will give you more speed and lower latency than before. This Starlink system is already being tested as a Starlink beta.

Starlink Altitude

The pre-existing satellite internet system was installed at an altitude of about 35000km, so they are stationary relative to the Earth. For that reason, the plates on the ground can be pointed towards the satellite. Therefore, it is sufficient to have several satellites for this purpose. But the Starlink system is very close to Earth. It is not stationary relative to the earth. For that reason, it is not enough to keep the dish on the ground turned to one side. But a large number of satellites can solve this problem. This is because when one satellite passes the dish, another covers that area.

In space, these satellites communicate with each other by laser. So the communication between those satellites is very fast. This is because light transmits data faster in space than inside fiber optic cables. These satellites are currently being launched by the Falcon 9 rocket. At that time there were 60 satellites each. But in the future, the starship hopes to carry about 240 satellites at a time. These satellites use ion thrusters to control their path. It can also prevent satellites from crashing into Earth. Space x is now able to produce these on a large scale and at a low cost.

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