With the advancement of technology, many car manufacturers are trying to add autopilot capability to their vehicles. Among them, Tesla is ahead of other automakers. Elon Musk first announced in 2013 that it would provide autopilot capabilities for Tesla cars. Since then, autopilot has been provided for vehicles released to the market since 2014. You have to pay extra to get this facility when you buy a car through the tesla website. However, when you buy a car, the car contains all the hardware needed for autopilot. So you can pay later and get an autopilot facility.

Simply put, this is an advanced driver assistance system. This will help you to reduce the fatigue of driving. But since these are still being improving, some mistakes can happen. Therefore, you must hold the steering wheel even during autopilot enabled. In October last year, in addition to the autopilot feature Tesla offered a full self-driving beta version to a small number of customers. However, in the future, all Tesla cars will have an improved full self-driving facility. This article will give you an idea of ​​what tesla autopilot & Full self-driving is and how they work.

How does tesla autopilot work

How does tesla autopilot work camera view
That’s how Tesla sees the world

Simply put, Tesla autopilot operates on a deep neural network. It also has various sensors to detect things like surrounding obstacles. The powerful onboard computer analyses the lane lines, arrows, crossings, stop signs, etc. that are identified by sensors and determines the direction of the car. This is exactly what happens in a tesla car.

Many autopilot-powered vehicles use LIDAR sensors, ultrasonic sensors, cameras, and radars. Maybe you already know that. But Tesla cars use ultrasonic sensors, cameras, radar but do not use LIDAR sensors. Elon musk points out that it costs more and does not work properly in a rainy or dusty environment. However, tesla cars operate more accurately and reliably than other autopilot vehicles.

How does tesla autopilot work radars

These Tesla cars have 8 cameras. The front of the vehicle is monitored using a 150m main camera, a 60m wide-angle camera, and a 250m narrow field camera. These cameras are used to monitor things like lane lines and traffic signs on the road. It also has 4 cameras on the sides and a reverse camera on the back.

The car has a front-facing radar that can operate up to 150m to detect obstacles at the front. In addition, there are 12 ultrasonic sensors to check the surroundings of the car and to maintain the required distance between the vehicles on either side. So the data obtained from these cameras, GPS systems, and sensors is analyzed by the onboard computer and the vehicle is controlled safely.

How does tesla autopilot work cameras

All of this is analyzed by a 260 square mm FSD chip containing six billion transistors in a tesla onboard computer. This chip is capable of performing 36 trillion operations in a second. Therefore, it has the ability to respond quickly to any emergency.

Autopilot & Full self-driving features

You will also need to purchase this feature separately. This feature includes Traffic-Aware Cruise Control, Autosteer, etc. But if you want the full self-driving feature, you have to pay a little more for it. Be sure to read the Owner’s Manual before you use Tesla autopilot or FSD. It contains the instructions and safety information you need.

Some autopilot features are disabled so you may need to enable them. To enable these features, go to the autopilot menu in settings and turn them on. before enabling those features you have to agree to keep your hands on the steering wheel always. Below is a brief description of the cost and features.

Price: $ 2,000
Full self-driving capability
Price: $ 10,000

Traffic-Aware Cruise Control

This feature assists the driver in maintaining the same speed as the vehicles around your vehicle. To activate this feature on model s and x, pull down the cruise control lever once. Pull down the gear selector once for model 3 and y.


This feature assists you to drive in a clearly marked lane. when using auto-steer you should keep your hand on the wheel. if not you will be blocked from using these features while your trip. To enable auto-steer, pull twice the Cruise Control lever towards you on your model S or X. If you are using a model 3 or Y, pull the gear selector down twice.

Auto Lane Change

When auto-steer is enabled it helps to go to the adjacent lanes of a highway. You must first enable the auto lane change option from the autopilot controls menu as mentioned above. Then when the vehicle is in the auto-steer, engage the turn signals towards the lane where you want to move.

Tesla App


The Summon feature allows you to take the car out of a tight parking space using your smartphone or key. To use this, open the tesla app and press “Summon”. The car can then be controlled with the forward or reverse buttons on the app. If you have a model s or x car, hold the button in the middle of the key fob for three seconds. The car can then move back or forward by the frunk and trunk buttons on the key fob.

Smart Summon

This feature allows you to bring the car from the parking lot to you or the location you provided. You should only use the smart summon feature on private parking lots and driveways. However, you are still responsible for your car. Open the tesla app and tap “Summon” and then tap the “smart Summon” icon. Then enter the target and hold down the “GO TO TARGET” button.


The Autopark feature allows you to park the car automatically parallel or perpendicular. When the car detects a parking spot, a gray ‘P’ icon appears on the main screen. Then press the brake and shift the gear to the reverse. Then “START AUTO PARK” will appear on the main screen. And press the “START AUTO PARK” button and release the brake and steering wheel.

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Do all Tesla cars have autopilot?

All new Tesla cars have autopilot facilities. However, this facility is not available for vehicles released before September 2014.

Do I need to pay attention while autopilot enabled?

When using autopilot you should keep your hand on the wheel. if not you will be blocked from using these features while your trip.

How to purchase Tesla autopilot?

You can get an autopilot or FSD by paying extra when buying a Tesla car. Or you can buy at any time through your Tesla account.

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