SpaceX is an organization that makes a huge contribution to the future of humanity. The company established in the year 2002 By Elon Musk. Initially, their goal was to introduce an inexpensive method for space transport. But transportation into space is a very expensive affair And a dangerous process. SpaceX’s first rocket was the Falcon 1 rocket. And this rocket designed for low-cost space transport. Initially, the rocket failed several times. But SpaceX continued to improve this spacecraft. Then after 3 failures, they succeeded in the 4th attempt. They successfully launched the Falcon 1 spacecraft. On September 28, 2008, they became the first private company in the world to launch a liquid fuel rocket successfully.


Then their next challenge was to land the space rocket booster back on the ground. They created a rocket called the Falcon 9 for that. The rocket is powered by 9 Merlin rocket engines. They built this to launch the upper stage to space of the spacecraft and land the booster safely back on the ground. This will greatly reduce the cost of space travel. As before, this rocket also failed several times. But SpaceX did not give up and successfully landed the Falcon 9 on the ground. It was the world’s first rocket to successfully land back on Earth. Elon Musk and his entourage managed to turn the world upside down.

Elon musk

There is no one who does not know about Elon Musk. Some people call him a real-life iron man. Born June 28, 1971, he was a different-minded person from an early age. He later created billions worth of companies such as PayPal, Tesla, solar city, SpaceX. We look forward to bringing you a separate article about Elonmusk in the future. Join us on Twitter to read our future articles. After achieving the dream of low-cost spacecraft, his next goal was to build a human colony on Mars. He is making that dream come true step by step.

Cargo Dragon and Crew Dragon

Cargo Dragon is a cargo transport capsule manufactured by SpaceX. cargo dragon is a capsule that can carry a consignment to the International space station and return to Earth. The Crew Dragon is similar in design to the cargo dragon. It has the ability to take humans from Earth to ISS and safely bring astronauts back to Earth and SpaceX is also the first private company to successfully bring astronauts to the international space station. The Dragon capsule was also launched into space by the Falcon 9 boosters. It costs about $ 55 million to travel once. This is a very small amount comparing to the methods used in the past.



The next goal of Elon Musk and SpaceX is to build a human colony on Mars. They plan to settle one million people on Mars by 2050. For that, they are building a fully reusable rocket called a starship to go to Mars. It is also the world’s first fully reusable rocket. Several prototypes of starship have already tested. Also, the starship spacecraft has successfully developed over the past few years. This rocket consists of two main parts. That’s super heavy and starship

Initially, they had planned to use carbon composite material for the starship. Carbon composite is a raw material using to build rockets. Later, due to the high cost of this, they decided to use stainless steel for the starship. Another advantage here is that stainless steel can withstand the extreme cold of deep space. It is also capable of completing the spacecraft at a cost 50 times less than carbon composite material. This spaceship will build three separate spacecraft for three major functions. A tanker, cargo, crew. The tanker will refuel the starship parked in a parking orbit in space. To refuel one starship, the tanker must carry fuel from the ground three times. Cargo and crew starship transport goods and people respectively.

Super heavy and starship

How it works

Liquid methane is used as fuel for these starship spacecraft. The reason methane is using for these spacecraft is that it can store in tanks more easily than hydrogen. After landing, they must produce fuel on Mars to return to Earth. For that, they will produce fuel through a method called the Sabatier process. Starship also uses 3 sea-level Raptor engines and 3 Rvac engines. (Rvac is an engine specially developed for use outside the atmosphere) Only sea-level engines can move in a starship. This method is important for changing the balance and trajectory of the starship. But The Rvac engine does not need to move in space for that process. For this purpose, cold air trusters are using in space.

When the starship returns, it enters the atmosphere horizontally. Meanwhile, it has a heat shield on one side to withstand atmospheric friction. Then the starship uses its flaps to change course and reach the landing pad. Then when it landing on the ground it does a flip maneuver and lands on the landing pad. According to current information, the crew starship can carry up to 100 people. SpaceX will work to produce 1000 starships in the future.

Spacex starship

Super heavey booster

This booster takes the starship into space. This is about 83m high. The weight here will be 3500 tons when there is fuel in tanks. This booster uses 27 raptor engines. Once the starship is launched, the booster returns to Earth. Then this booster uses a special method to land. You can find out how it lands by watching the video below. However, after the tests, the starship is scheduled to leave for Mars in 2024. But before that, the starship will be use to send a man to the moon. In addition, the starship will be use to send astronauts to the international space station and to launch satellites. Below are some videos about starship prototype tests. Join our Twitter, telegram to read articles about technology like this.

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Starship 12.5km hop

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