Hyperloop The Future Of Transportation

What do you think is the fastest mode of transportation in the world? Aircraft? No. it is a hyperloop. When completed, it will have a top speed of 1,223 km / h. Faster than a boing 747 And three times faster than a Bugatti Veyron. The idea first came to the fore in 2012. This idea was first proposed by Elon Musk. He then invited companies around the world to improve this. Not only that, but university students were also able to present their ideas on this. In the future, we will be able to experience this not only at a high speed but also as a super-luxury mode of transport. This hyperloop will not be just another normal mode of transport.



Simply put, this is a pod that travels through a vacuum tube. This new mode of transport can transport goods as well as passengers. The transmission of the hyperloop takes place through a vacuum tube. The main advantage here is the loss of air friction against the pod. We know that when a vehicle moves forward, the air in the atmosphere exerts an opposite force to the vehicle. Therefore, it greatly affects the speed of the vehicle. For that reason, the front of a vehicle designed to travel at high speeds is shaped like a spike. Even so, air friction cannot be reduced by 100%.

What if the solution is to remove the air. It is for this purpose that this hyperloop travels through a vacuum tube. Here the air resistance of the pod in the tube can reduce by 100%. Not only that, this hyperloop pod runs on a magnetic field. Therefore, it can also reduce ground friction by 100%. It is for these reasons that the hyperloop has been able to gain so much speed.

Travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco costs about $ 20 per person. The distance between the two cities is about 350-miles. This is a cheaper way than traveling on a high-speed rail. No matter how lucrative it is, it costs a lot of money to build. It costs about $ 7 billion to build a hyperloop between these two cities. However, this will also be an eco-friendly mode of transportation. A large number of companies have already contributed to the development of this technology. Virgin Hyperloop One takes a special place among them. This will be a very popular mode of transportation in the future.

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