From immemorial, NASA has explored Mars by various methods. But now they are ready to use a new method to explore mars. First, they launched a satellite from Earth into mars’ orbit and studied Mars’s surface. But It is difficult to explore Mars from its orbit. So they used rovers for that. Out of those rovers, the curiosity rover is still active. But the rovers have to be controlled very carefully. This is because if a wheel gets stuck in sand or rocks, it will be difficult to recover. there is no one to help recover that rover on Mars. They then designed a helicopter to explore places that inaccessible to the rover. At the time of writing this article, the spacecraft carrying the new rover and Ingenuity Helicopter has almost reached Mars. It is ready to land on Mars on Feb. 18, 2021.

The Ingenuity Helicopter

Ingenuity Helicopter

A rover sent to Mars can only explore a very limited area on Mars. This is because of the possibility of the rover getting stuck on the sand. However, these rovers are moving very slowly. even if it takes many years, it can only explore a small area. This new helicopter will be able to avoid these difficulties. However, if this helicopter is successful, it will be able to explore even the places where rovers cannot reach on Mars. This helicopter will also be able to determine the safe route for the rover to travel. But Mars has a very delicate atmosphere. Therefore, flying a helicopter on it is a very difficult task.

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This helicopter has two propellers. One propeller has a diameter of about 1.2 m. It is powered by a 4 cell lithium-ion battery. There is a solar panel above the propellers. There is a solar panel above the propellers. It powers the communication unit of the helicopter. However, the flight time for this is about 90 seconds. But this will be enough to explore the surroundings. This helicopter has 4 carbon fiber landing legs for re-landing. The helicopter can only be flown during the day. The helicopter can only be flown during the day. This is because of the extreme cold that exists on Mars at night. This Ingenuity Helicopter successfully tested on an artificial Martian environment on Earth.

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