Do you have an idea to buy an electric vehicle? No doubt you should pay attention to this car. Tesla has been one of the best electric vehicles ever since. So I hope to explain model 3 Tesla in this article. This article will be more important for you to buy an electric vehicle.

Tesla Model 3

So this Tesla model 3 released to the market in 2017. last year, more than 500,000 of these cars had sold. Then this car became the best selling electric car in the world. Tesla Model 3 is also the best-selling plug-in car in the US. This car can be purchased in three main versions. The three types are standard range plus, long-range, and performance. This model 3 tesla is currently around USD 39,990. Depending on the version, the price of the car and features like 0 to 60 speed, mile range will vary. However, this car will save you fuel and maintenance costs.


Tesla Model 3

You can buy this car in Signature red, Midnight Silver, White, Black, Blue, Silver, Red. But there is an additional charge for each variant. This car also calls a four-door sedan. Here you can see many similarities to the Tesla model s. But this is a smaller car than that. The car has a glass roof with a 99% UV Cut coating. That way you will not be disturbed by the sun during the day. The door handles have a very modern look. This car is an electric car so you can’t see the front air vents. The charging port is provided on the left side of the vehicle. It is 1443mm high and 4694mm long. The ground clearance of this Tesla Model 3 is around 140mm.


As mentioned above, this car is available in three variants. Self-driving facility and safety options you will get when you buy this car. But if you want a full self-driving facility you have to pay extra for it. The tesla model 3 “standard range plus” has a range of 250 miles on a single charge. It takes 5.3 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 60. This car is a rear-wheel-drive car. The “standard range plus” is priced at $ 39,990.

The next version of the tesla model 3 is called the “long-range”. It takes 4.4 seconds to reach 0 to 60 and the distance cover is 322 miles. This car is an all-wheel-drive car. You can buy this version for around $ 48,990. The “performance” version takes 3.2 seconds to reach 0 to 60 speeds. It can run 299 miles on a single charge. This car is also an all-wheel-drive car. However, the performance version is available for around $ 56,990.


Tesla model 3 Interior

Introducing the Interior here, you can get it in two colors, white and black. You will have to pay an extra $ 1000 for a white interior when you buy. The interior of the car looks very simple and attractive. Features include power-folding mirrors, auto-dimming, heated side mirrors, 12-way power-adjustable heated front seats. An important feature of this car is its 15 inches display. You have to control most of the things in the car with this display. This display has many features like google maps, radio, google search, voice commands. Lastly, the lack of physical buttons on this car can cause some inconvenience to the driver. If you want to know more, watch the video below. Leave your comments about this car below.

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