In the last two years, we have been able to see several foldable phones coming into the market. Some of it was successful. There are different companies that have introduced different levels of foldable phones. Meanwhile, Samsung phones like z flip, Samsung fold, Huawei mate x became popular. So it was revealed recently that Apple, which has been silent for a long time, is also preparing to make a foldable phone. Apple is preparing to release its foldable phone at a time when the foldable concept is not so new. The reason for this is to study the consumer preferences and issues of foldable phones and build a high-quality phone. However, this will bring something new to the iPhone users. Maybe this phone will release as iPhone fold or iPhone flip.

New Iphone fold Concept

Apple iPhone Fold

Recently we heard that Apple has tested a foldable iPhone. Happily, the durability test was successful. The experiments were performed at a Foxconn factory. ⁣It is rumored that two types of foldable phones have been tested there. According to the information received, one of its phones is similar to the Samsung z flip phone. This phone will come to the market for ease of use and portability.

As I mentioned earlier, they have tested two apple foldable phones. Its second experiment is a phone that can be use as a book with two separate screens. If you’ve seen the Microsoft surface duo device, this phone will be similar to that device. Although Microsoft surface duo device is not very successful, but this apple phone will be popular among consumers.

Leaked patent of Apple iPhone Fold

The pieces of information about a patent for Apple’s foldable phones were revealed last year. It mentions a hinge mechanism that Apple uses to fold the screens of their foldable phones. Accordingly, these phones are manufacture to foldable on both sides of the screen. As mentioned, these phones are very easy to handle and not bulky. However, these phones will be launch later this year. But most likely these new iPhones will hit the market next year. However, these phones may be more expensive than other iPhones.

Not the official trailer

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