GTA is a game that has become very popular in the past. This game is developing by a company called rockstar. So GTA is one of the most popular game that they created. Their first game is GTA 1, released on October 21, 1997. It is correct to say that the GTA game series that started from there turned the gaming industry upside down. They have created several versions of GTA since 1997. Their last released game is GTA 5. This GTA 5 released on September 17, 2013. But this game is still very popular. It cost $ 265 million to develop this game. It also generated about $6 billion in revenue. So the new game in their GTA series is GTA VI.

Eight years after the release of GTA 5, there is still no official announcement about GTA VI. Many expected the game trailer to be released by the end of 2020. But disappointing the fans, it did not happen in 2020. However, fans will have to wait a long time. Due to this epidemic, even if the trailer will release, the game will have to wait longer to be released. However, the entire gaming community is looking forward to that moment.

GTA V Screen Shot

The Rockstar Company

As mentioned above GTA VI has not been announced yet. Rockstar is not a company that releases inferior games. That means GTA 6 is unlikely to be released this year. However, in 2013, rockstar president Leslie Benzies said about the GTA VI through the develop magazine. He said that they did not know about GTA VI but there were some opinions about GTA 6. Meanwhile, rockstar says that GTA 5 will release an expanded version for the PlayStation 5. For these reasons, GTA 6 may be delays further. However, GTA 6 will not be release this year.

GTA VI In 2023?

But it takes a long time to make such a big open-world game. It said that it took 4 years to develop GTA 5. Therefore GTA 6 cannot be develop in one year. Releasing a game with a bug will discredit Rockstar, so it will take longer to develop. There are many reasons why GTA 6 Is not released yet. Of these, rockstar still has the highest revenue from GTA 5. With such a large revenue stream, rockstar will not be spending right now for GTA 6. Therefore, many people are of the opinion that GTA 6 will be released by the end of 2023.

Epic Fan Made Trailer

Rumors about GTA VI

There are a lot of rumors about GTA 6 right now. Every day a huge amount of information about GTA 6 is adding to the internet that makes it impossible to even analyze. Most of these rumors are ignored because they are made for the hope of publicity. But a statement by one of them has come to the fore again. This news not popular at the time, but some of his statements turned out to true. Therefore, the attention of many people turned to this statement. This news was provided by a person named “markothemexicam”. He says he is studying at the University of Edinburgh in England and that his roommate is a junior animation programmer at rockstar. The rockstar company has fired his colleague and 100 others from the company. For that reason, he has taken steps to release these facts to the media.

GTA VI based on vice city?

The first thing he said was that the GTA 5 final update will be available at the end of 2020. So confirming his statement, GTA 5 final updates released last year. He also said that 10 new vehicles will be introducing with the update. Correcting that too, 9 new vehicles were released with the latest update. His statement about the mile high club building in GTA was also true. So he announced that his roommate would be developing wether in GTA 6. So his first revelation is that the location of GTA 6 is based on vice city. He also says GTA 6 will announce between February and March this year. Meanwhile, new information about GTA 6 has spread.

From the coordinates mentioned in the last update trailer, when you look at the google map, a road shaped like “vi” appears. Many say that this is probably a hint for GTA 6. Leave your comments about GTA 6 below.

GTA VI Coordinates

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