On November 21, 2019, Tesla unveiled the new Tesla Cybertruck in addition to their model 3, S, X, Y lineup. The cyber truck belongs to the pickup truck category but it is designed in a futuristic way that goes beyond the typical pickup truck culture. Also known as a pickup truck can carry a pickup truck. It does not have a separate chassis or body, so the cyber truck is made from a single stainless steel exoskeleton structure. So safer than a normal pickup truck. In addition, things like power, facilities, Armor Glass, the futuristic design have been able to attract people. There have been various rumors about the cyber truck in recent days. We also got to see the cyber truck at the Giga texas factory employee event. This article will help you to know about the latest updates and tesla Cybertruck release date.

Tesla Cybertruck new updates

At a recent event at Giga texas, we were able to see the Tesla Cybertruck prototype vehicle. Elon Musk said the first cyber truck production will take place at the Giga Texas factory. According to him, the production truck is 3% smaller than the previously announced prototype. Also, there are no door handles for this new design. However, government regulations require that it include windshield wipers, rearview mirrors, and a standard steering wheel. But the prototype vehicle does not contain these things. Therefore, the existing design may change in the future. However, Elon Musk claimed that the Truck Design is “Fixed”.

Tesla Cybertruck
Tesla Cybertruck

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Tesla Cybertruck Release Date

Cybertruck is set to release in 2021, but more likely it will be further delay. However, according to Elon musk, full volume production of the Cybertruck will not begin until 2022. But he said they expected to build some trucks in 2021. For that reason, pre-order customers are likely to receive a limited amount of trucks by the first or quarter of 2022. But we still can’t predict the exact release date

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