Will we be able to live on Mars? Why we should do so. It is about half the size of our planet Earth. The gravitational pull of this planet is about 38% of the Earth’s gravity. This planet’s atmosphere is very subtle. Therefore, the harmful rays from the Sun easily reach the surface of Mars. This may also be the reason why Mars is an unsuitable place for life. However, long-term research has shown that there is water on Mars. That water will be important in future Mars missions. SpaceX company is already preparing to go to Mars. By the end of this decade, however, humans will have visited Mars several times.

The Red planet


The name red planet is also used to describe Mars. This is because mars have a dry red color. Many people believe that there was life on the red planet in the past. And there is a lot of evidence that liquid water existed on the red planet a long time ago. At that time there was also a dense atmosphere, rivers, and seas. But now the red planet has a cold and dry surface. Temperatures on Mars do not exceed 20  °C during the day and around -120  °C at night. The percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is 95%. But this is not enough to warm the surface of Mars.

In the past, due to the dense atmosphere, the red planet was protected from surface temperatures as well as harmful rays. Due to the low gravitational pull of the planet, the atmosphere may have become thinner over time. As a result, the temperature on the planet dropped and it became uninhabitable. However, even if it had life, it would have been destroyed by the harmful rays of the sun.

Colonizing the Mars

Building settlements on the red planet is not so easy. The distance from Earth to Mars is 147.09 million km. But it varies depending on the location of the Earth and the red planet. Current technology takes 40 days to 9 months to reach Mars. Even if you go to the red planet, living there will not be so easy. You need to produce oxygen and water there. And it is impossible for you to cultivate the soil of the red planet. For that, we have to use a method that can be cultivated without soil.

You have to use pressurized chambers to live on this planet. You have to use special space suits when coming out of the cabins. This is because the atmospheric pressure on the red planet is very low. It should also be protected from the harmful rays coming from the sun. There are frequent dust storms on the red planet. This does not cause much harm to humans, but it can damage the equipment that we carried to the red planet.

The melting of the ice at Mars’ poles could create a dense atmosphere. In order to do so, the percentage of greenhouse gases on it must be increased. Various methods have already been proposed for this purpose. One way is by using atomic bombs on Mars to increase the temperature. However, these are more likely to have adverse effects. If these strategies are successful, it will take another 100 years to build a successful colony on Mars.

Human colony on mars

Why do we colonize the red planet?

Why we should have settlements on the red planet. It is correct to say that the red planet is a planet very similar to Earth. It is easier to live on the red planet than any other planet in the Solar System. There are water and even an atmosphere on it. But a human settlement should be built on the red planet because it is dangerous for humans to live only on Earth. Humans are most likely to be destroyed by an asteroid. You have already experienced that things like epidemics, nuclear wars, etc. are likely to destroy humanity. Therefore, we must protect humanity before economic gain.

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