By the end of 2021, 5G technology will be ahead of 4G. Also, a large number of countries are already using 5G. With the increase in the use of 5G, there are various opinions among the people about this. Many of them say that these 5G waves are harmful to humans and animals. In addition to these, some people come up with strange ideas. You may have seen a large number of people protesting against 5G technology in the recent past. Many of those protests were based on the idea that 5G could control humans and animals. So in this article, we are going to talk about what 5G is, how it works and whether 5G is really harmful to humans.

What Is 5G

With the advancement of technology, various technologies were used to communicate with people. So GSM phones became popular among people. These GSM phones used frequencies between 450MHz – 800MHz. The frequency of these phones was so low that they were able to transmit over very long distances. But the disadvantage here is that even though it can be transmitted over long distances, the bandwidth and capacity are very low. This capacity is the traffic that a network can handle in a given period of time. So you realize that this bandwidth is not enough as the number of users increases.

So people gradually started using 4G technology to overcome such weaknesses. These 4G use frequencies between 1.8GHz and 2.1GHz. Now you can understand for yourself the reason for increasing the frequency. So as the frequency increases, the bandwidth and capacity of the network can be maintained at a higher level. But the disadvantage is that the transmission distance decreases as the frequency increases. The solution was to increase the number of towers. That is why with the introduction of technologies like 3G and 4g, a large number of towers were built all over the country.

is 5g harmful
EM Spectrum

Wifi routers use the 2.4GHz band. So that network can be used by more users. However, since wifi routers are used in homes, there is no need to pay much attention to their range. So as the frequency of the waves increases, those waves are in the microwave range. That is why people began to think that these waves were harmful to humans and animals.

Why People Think 5G Is Harmful

Many homes today have a microwave oven. The frequency of an oven is around 2.5GHz. The frequency of a router is similar to an oven. For that reason, there is some fear among the people. People may not pay attention to the frequencies used in the past because they are much lower. 5G technology is still used in many countries. But most people still use 5Ge (5G Evolution). The frequency here is 3.5GHz but the frequency of 5G is around 26GHz. These are called sub-millimeter waves.

So the 5G frequency is too high so the range is too low and it can’t even pass through a wall. The maximum range is around 100m – 500m. For this reason, a large number of towers need to be built. It is not practical to build such a large number of towers. Therefore mini transmitters are used for this. They are small box-shaped and can be mounted on telephone poles. Several such devices are needed to cover a small area. So a lot of equipment like this started to be installed in public places and people got scared.

Why 5G Is Not Harmful

Ovens and 5G transmitters use electromagnetic waves. But those are work in a completely different way. inside the microwave oven, there is a device that can produce electromagnetic waves. This device emits strong waves into the microwave oven. So those waves vibrate the water molecules in the oven. The air inside the oven heats up due to the friction created when those water molecules vibrate. For that reason, a microwave oven has the ability to generate a lot of heat. However, things like the phones, routers, 5G that we use are also in this wavelength. But these waves are not used for cooking. They are used to communicate information. The wattage of an oven is around 1500w. But the maximum power of a router we use is around 100mW.

An oven requires a lot of force to vibrate water molecules and generate heat. But a router does not need that much power to exchange information. That is why very few watts are used to communicate information on the router. As I mentioned earlier, a mini transmitter uses about 250mW of power. Even if a man goes near this device, the number of watts coming into his body is about 1 microwatt. So now you understand that 5G does not harm people. I will give an example to make this more clear. A 50-watt bulb in your home emits high-frequency electromagnetic waves. So even if you are 3m away from it, the number of watts coming into your body is a million times more powerful than a 5G transmitter.

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